A Cool Father’s Day Gift


Dads – they tinker, they build and they grill, and often in hot spaces during the summer. The comfort of an air conditioner on a scorcher of a day in the mancave – otherwise known as the garage or patio – would be enticing. However, since air conditioning is impractical in the garage and outdoors, this Father’s Day consider giving a gift that will truly make the man-of-the-house a “cool” dad. A portable evaporative cooler, such as Portacool Cyclone evaporative coolers, uses the natural cooling process of evaporation to reduce temperatures. Unlike traditional air conditioning, evaporative coolers from Portacool do not use refrigerants or harsh chemicals and they consume a fraction of the energy.

Each year, the country experiences relentless heatwaves, much as the West Coast is experiencing this week. Portacool evaporative coolers are effective in both arid and humid climates. They work off evaporation (similar to the cooling sensation you get when you step out of a pool) to provide constant cool air. Unlike foggers, misters and atomizers, evaporative coolers are NOT misters – they will not get you — or your shop floor, tools, grill, etc — wet. Most important they are NOT just fans – evaporative cooling actually cools the air versus blowing hot air around like a standard shop or ceiling fan.

Now you can help dad efficiently cool off spaces up to 2,100 square feet in open environments, such as patios, garages, barns, and decks to keep him productive and safe from heat stress. Available in a variety of sizes at affordable prices – you can give him a cool (pun intended) gift that he can truly use for years to come.

Dad and DIY expert, Chip Wade, tells you why he likes the Portacool Cyclone 130 at his Georgia home.