How Effective Are Fans for Cooling My Garage?

A garage can be a really hot place to work. Most are not built to stay cool, and some bear an uncomfortable resemblance to a solar oven. Your garage probably doesn’t have air conditioning installed, and if it did, you’d probably realize that the garage is too leaky to be cooled effectively by AC. So…

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Best Shop Fans for My Garage

If you’re working in your garage, you know it can get unbearably hot. Summertime heat adds to the heat generated by your tools, and it becomes hard to focus on working. You have to take numerous breaks and you have to drink a lot of water, and even that likely doesn’t keep you from making…

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How to Choose a Garage Fan

Are you looking for a garage fan? Are you hoping to keep your garage cool during the heat of summer when you do most of your work on your car? How do you choose between the best garage fan options? Here are a few factors to consider. Air Flow You need your fan to be…

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What Is the Best Cooling Solution for My Auto Shop?

Cars can break down at any time, and often they seem to do so when it’s least convenient. This means that if you’re an automotive technician, you have to be working year-round, in all conditions, often with owners demanding their cars be fixed right away. The summer heat can be awful for automotive technicians because…

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Recruiting – and Retaining – Talent in the Automotive Industry

When thinking of the automotive industry, many envision the auto technicians that provide regular maintenance to consumer vehicles. However, auto technicians have a bigger impact on consumers, companies, and the economy than one might think. They service large trucks and trailers that transport food and other goods across the country. They keep municipal fleet vehicles…

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How Does Heat Stress Impact Auto Techs?

A shop is not designed for comfort. It’s a practical building designed around the need to get cars in, then out and have access to all the relevant parts inside. Cinderblock walls, metal roofs, and minimum or no insulation can turn the shop into a solar oven. As temperatures climb outside, they can get even…

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