Portacool Cyclone Series

Portacool Cyclone Portable Evaporative Coolers

Powerful, affordable cooling technology

The Portacool Cycloneseries is a family of mobile, all-natural products specifically designed for spot cooling spaces where air conditioning is impractical. Perfect for outdoor areas such as the patio to the garage or hobby space, the Cyclone series provides a noticeable difference with cooling comfort via the natural process of evaporation. These energy-efficient coolers provide an improved alternative to oscillating fans that move warm air without cooling or the messy after-effects of drenching misters.

Portacool’s Cyclone™ series evaporative coolers are compact and lightweight, so you can position them discreetly to cool off areas like your patio, garage, or hobby space. They’re also easy to transport, making it simple to set them up at kids’ games, family get-togethers, outdoor weddings, and more. Anywhere there’s an outlet, you can benefit from a Portacool Cyclone.

The Cyclone series is perfect for:

The Portacool Cyclone series is designed to be the highest quality portable evaporative coolers on the market. Since we launched in 1990, we have always made our evaporative coolers in the USA. In fact, our evaporative media made by our subsidiary company, Kuul™, is the only evaporative media manufactured in the USA and made entirely with materials sourced in the USA.

We also stand behind our quality, offering best-in-class warranties, customer service, and technical support. Portacool quality means you can count on cooling for years, even decades to come.

Benefits of Cyclone Series Evaporative Coolers

When you choose a Portacool Cyclone series evaporative cooler, you are choosing a powerful cooling alternative for when traditional air conditioning is ineffective. You’ll enjoy a variety of benefits:

Check out the individual models below to find the best Cyclone series evaporative cooler for you, then visit a local retailer or contact us today.